A collection of The Onion-style jokes that I have pitched.

A humor piece written from the perspective of Superman, asking the city of Metropolis for a modest stipend.

This is a piece I wrote for my StarWipe packet. The intent was to match the tone and style of the existing “So Hot Right Now” feature.


A mockumentary-style video I wrote for the iO Comedy Network. Directed by Sam Bowers, it features improv legends TJ Jagodowski & Dave Pasquesi, among others.


A year-end email campaign featuring some of Craftsman’s most innovative products.

An animated email I wrote for Kmart, demonstrating brand style and tone.


A whiskey review I wrote during “Pappy Van Winkle Week” at The Franklin Room.

An in memoriam piece I wrote for Paste Magazine, covering the closing of StarWipe.


A blog post I wrote for a design client refuting Edward Tufte’s claims about Microsoft PowerPoint.

A blog post about wholesales in China, written for a software client.